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BrunFnd label Effectiveness Initiatives
  • REP
    Rochester Effectiveness Partnership



    It is possible to systematically build evaluation capacity in both the funding and provider communities: REP partners know more about participatory evaluation, they do better evaluations and they commission better, more useful and user-friendly evaluations.

    It is possible to sustain a funding collaborative over time: REP operated for seven years using approximately $800,000 of pooled community resources to accomplish measurable impact.

    Funders and service delivery organizations can work together and learn from each other.

    It is possible to make data driven program decisions that benefit service delivery to clients: REP partners terminated, expanded and altered their programs based on evaluation data.

    Mastering new paradigms and skills is time consuming and expensive.

    Challenges and Issues for Further Consideration

    Project duration and scale: How large/small can a project be to maintain both integrity and viability?

    Project cost and financial sustainability: Should non-profit service provider partners have paid for or have been paid to be part of REP?

    Evaluation partners: When do communities use evaluation resources/consultants from another region?

    Evaluation: Should external evaluation of a participitory evaluation be involved?

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