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  • Evaluative Capacity Building
    Project Clearinghouse

    An interactive online Project Clearinghouse is one of our newest developments. As project data grew in volume, The Bruner Foundation and its partners collaborated to create an online clearinghouse in an effort to consolidate, streamline and integrate all the evaluation capacity building project data and reports gathered over 15+ years in one cross-referenced resource.

    The clearinghouse is intended to be a rich online resource for nonprofit and funding organizations exploring ways to build evaluative capacity – the integrating of evaluation skills and evaluative thinking into everyday organizational practice to ensure not only stronger programs but also stronger, more effective organizations.

    As recently documented in The Foundation Review, this evaluation web portal demonstrates the Bruner Foundation's longstanding commitment to the effectiveness of nonprofit-services.  To quote author Gail Berkowitz, the web portal "is a helpful one stop site for resources for funders and their partners on evaluation capacity building and evaluative thinking". To read the full review, please click here <Bruner Foundation Evaluation Web Portal Review>

    Please visit our Project Clearinghouse to learn about the variety of projects in evaluation capacity building that have been successfully realized.