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    Evaluative Capacity is the combination of evaluation skills and evaluative thinking. It requires a commitment to doing and using evaluation in programs, strategies, and initiatives as well as a commitment to using those same skills in other aspects of organization work. Organizations with high evaluative capacity:

    Featured Resources

    1. Evaluation Capacity Building and Organizational Change 2013

    2. Evaluation Capacity Building Project Clearinghouse 2013
      This interactive site contains detailed information about the Foundation’s 15-year commitment to supporting evaluation and evaluative thinking. The Clearinghouse is intended to be a resource for nonprofit and funding organizations exploring ways to build evaluative capacity - the integrating of evaluation skills and evaluative thinking into everyday organizational practice to ensure not only stronger programs but also stronger, more effective organizations.

    3. Applying Evaluative Thinking to Data Collection Bulletins 2013
      This series of four bulletins were developed in response to the continuing need expressed by nonprofit partners to clarify how to put enhanced evaluation capacity to work specifically in the area of data collection. Topics for the bulletins include: Surveys, Interviews, Observation, and Record Review. These bulletins are intended to do the following: provide additional details about specific data collection strategies; provide direction regarding effective use of data collection strategies so that findings can inform data-driven decision making; help organizations think about creative ways to present and use evaluation findings.

    4. Integrating Evaluative Capacity into Organizational Practice 2012
      This manual offers concrete ways to integrate evaluation skills and evaluative thinking, beyond the program level, into everyday organizational practice, helping to ensure stronger programs and to support more effective organizations that are better able to deliver on their missions. The new guide also includes a review of Evaluation Essentials and Appendices for how to use an evaluative thinking assessment tool and how to commission evaluation.
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