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  • Resources

    The Bruner Foundation is pleased to make available a variety of resources designed to assist non-profit service provider and funding organizations in their efforts to build and sustain evaluative capacity*.

    The resources range from specific tools for data collection strategies to comprehensive training manuals to a searchable database detailing the Foundation’s 15-year efforts in the area of evaluation capacity building.

    The materials are for the benefit of any 501c3 organization and may be used in whole or part provided that credit be given to the Bruner Foundation. They may not be sold or redistributed in whole or part for a profit.

    We welcome your feedback about the materials as well as information about how you use them.

    The latest version of Acrobat Reader will be required for accessing some of the materials in their correct format. To update Acrobat reader on your computer, please click here.

    *The Foundation defines evaluative capacity as the integration of evaluation skills and evaluative thinking into everyday organizational practice to ensure not only stronger programs, but also stronger, more effective organizations better able to deliver on their missions.