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  • E-TIP
    Evaluative Thinking In Philanthropy



    Training and group interaction focused on program evaluation and evaluative thinking is worthwhile to both individual grantmakers and their organizations. It can help grantmakers can change their thinking about and practice of evaluation.

    E-TIP helped participants enhance evaluative thinking skills (asking questions of substance, determining data needed to address questions, gathering appropriate data in systematic ways, analyzing data and sharing results, developing strategies to act on findings) in multiple aspects of their work.

    E-TIP provided an "academic frame" for evaluation and evaluative thinking and helped connect evaluative thinking to organizational capacity such as:

    Participants expect they will do better evaluations of their own grantmaking when those needs arise as a result of the E-TIP project.

    Materials developed through E-TIP can benefit other grantmakers. (See Bruner Foundation website for link to Five Guidebooks for Grantmakers)

    Applying evaluative thinking may be challenging unless there is both commitment and involvement of the organizationĂ­s leadership (including the Board).

    Challenges and Issues for Further Consideration



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