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Basic Evaluation Training

Basic evaluation training introduces key evaluation concepts and disciplined thinking about program effectiveness and continuous learning.  Participants learn about the purposes of evaluation, how to identify and develop substantive evaluation questions, how to systematically collect and analyze data, and how to write or commission evaluation reports.

All clearinghouse programs/projects included basic evaluation training as the foundation for developing evaluation capacity (see list on the right). All Basic Evaluation training included classroom-style presentation of key concepts customized with relevant examples, hands-on activities, evaluation design development and for most projects, completion of actual evaluation work.

Three projects that highlight different basic evaluation training strategies and user groups include REP, E-TiP and the PASE-DYCD Outcomes Based Planning Institute. The Rochester Effectiveness Partnership (REP) was the most comprehensive, community-wide effort of the three, involving hundreds of participants from multiple service areas.  The Evaluative Thinking in Philanthropy (E-TiP) project was customized for grantmakers. The Outcomes-Based Planning Institute sponsored by the Partnership for Afterschool Education (PASE) and the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) provided a condensed version of the basic training especially for line staff. Click on the boxes to your right to learn more about these three programs/projects.

Basic Evaluation Training Projects

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