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Anchoring Evaluative Capacity

Participants in each of the evaluation capacity building projects featured in the Effectiveness Initiatives Clearinghouse grappled with how to extend evaluation capacity beyond initial trainees and how to sustain it in the organization.  Anchoring evaluative capacity is a strategy that emerged from specific work of two projects designed to address those needs.

Anchoring includes a condensed version of Basic Evaluation training with applied learning, and evaluation-focused coaching and technical assistance, for organizations that have already participated in other evaluation capacity building efforts. Training in the two original projects was provided on-site and for multiple key staff members.  In a third example, multiple trainees came from organizations to participate in training sponsored by a central intermediary organization.  All participating organizations had already completed basic evaluation training before engaging in the Survey Institute training sessions.

The projects highlighted on the right were developed to specifically for organizations that had already completed basic evaluation training and wanted to extend their work. Descriptions of the two projects that informed development of this strategy can be accessed by clicking directly on either project.  A description of the newest anchoring effort focused specifically on effective survey use can also be accessed by clicking on the Survey Institute project.




Anchoring Projects

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